Pushing off, gently

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Pushing off, gently

Postby CaptHook440 » Fri Aug 01, 2014 1:30 am

S/V Opportunity is in the works of getting worked up and having a make over in our determined adventure to do the Baja-HAHA. We are #36 on the list. So much to do and so limited time and insight. We are doing the upgrades and additions ourselves and having professional validation. At least If we do it, hopefully service and repair will be doeable. While we have been liveaboards since 2007, with a couple of cruises a month. We now are getting into the essentials of cruising. Getting time sailing is critical, including night time and foul weather ( well in southern california that is hard to come by). Any and all thoughts, considerations and recommendations will be appreciated. After the HAHA we will cruise the Sea of Cortez. Goal is the Puddle Jump 2015....It would be interesting to find that some one has put together a maintenance and cruising check list...what do you all think? A collective effort would be great.
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